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Navigate the complexities of Internet shows once again, pictures of elegant man stop, laugh, me, I realized that sometimes even impossible to continue with the installation. None of us have passed, are beautiful with a hamburger, soup, or Marek hamsik apologizes after a dinner. So if you want to hear [,]. Pri431 launched discussion: my previous salary was only RS. 9000, which was well below what I deserve. And now even beginners who have the same capacity skills & needs of RS. 20000 or more and have their expectations. If a new competitor with more than 20 k wait is valid, but only because I have less content designed my previous employment are ready, only 20-40% increase. I realize that, in the labour market companies previous CTC 20-40% provides assessment of the candidate. But it is necessary that our salary is dependent on previous CTC. Not expect to someone after the current market rate? I joined the company three years ago and no longer works with the & looking for new opportunities. At this time, there is no money was that always with my accent & parents lived, but was on the site as soon as possible, learning quick and fast loans & so I think there is no need to pay to negotiate at all. I agree with what you offered. Even the situation the market and until today. If you change you or don't you think that not much, but in the last 3 years, however, the inflation of the prices of products such as gasoline has exploded and is extremely difficult to maintain the monthly wages of 12 to 15 k. And 20 k can ask if newbies because I can not live. What is my guilt if I paid less in previous works. This mean that my profile in ligation of salary of this life? And if I'm going to run the industry itself, then you can understand but apply timing in different areas with difficult position & Imflexible. After three years, the scenario is different now. Inflation rates & many walks and even my skills over a period of time is much improved. Companies expect, just 30-40% RaiseHow programmed, but convince businesses of my expectation of 100% or more increase is justified. How to contact with researchers in this regard and negotiate successfully pls my espera-guia,.